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What happens if we are 90+% complete with your project and you don't pay?

While we build website for some clients before payment, there is no doubt that some clients may want to take advantage of this and don’t pay at the end.

Some time around 2021, we built a website and spent both money and resources for a client and she ended up not paying after we finished the project. From that time till now, we stopped buying domains and pay for hosting for customers. We do every thing possible for the domain to be bought or paid by the client. This has been a success and most people end up linking their credit card. We are happy for this. 

Here is what will happen if you don’t pay for your website about 48 hours from the time we tell you the project is more than 90% complete and you see proof

  •  We will start listing or selling your entire website in the dark web. Thankfully, we have readily available buyers in the dark web. It is indeterminate to know what the new buyer may do with the website that is hosted under your company’s name and your credit card info. We will do our best to ask what they will want to do with the website before selling.  Some may use it for good reason while others may be scammers or online investment systems. We can not guarantee that we will verify what they want to do with the website. Because we urgently need money to settle developers for your project. We may ask a few questions to the buyer but will not be able to verify their answers.
  • We will not be able to unlink your credit card details on the website. So, who ever tries to verify the owner of the website or the person who first bought the domain will see your details publicly. A single project takes a lot of  resources from different department and all these people are hired. Our billing service operator abandons any activity relating to a project whose payment is pending for more than the threshold stated above. We will not be able to hire him to delete your credit card details. Therefore, your full name and billing address will be hanging online as the person who first bought the domain. Just incase you want your credit card info to be deleted from the domain name, this comes with a charge of  70$ and above depending on the agreement sent to you. and once you make this payment, your details will be deleted from the website totally.
  • No additional billing. Once you go against the above policy which is not paying for your website 48 Hours from the time we tell you your project is 90% done and you see proof. we will stop the domain from billing you till another person buys the domain in the dark web and we will ask them to link their card. More about credit card info is in point two above.
  • You choose to claim your domain after it has been posted for sale or has been sold in the dark web. We will remove the website from listing or will request the website back from the buyer in cases where the website has been sold already and make it available for you if possible. This comes with a charge of 40$ and above depending on how long your website has been listed for sale or has being with the buyer and depending on the and agreement that will be sent to you.

We will be pleased if you don’t consider this as a threat. We are a company and every single work must be paid for by you or another buyer of your website.

Not hearing from you 8 Hours Immediately this agreement is sent to you means you accepted this agreement and we will go ahead to sell you website in the dark web. You will see changes on you website immediately we get a buyer.