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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the cheapest website designers out there. We build a full website from as low as 150$. When you tell us the kind of website you need via our contact page, we will email you how much it will cost to build the website and always remember that we are open for negotiation. How ever, if the amount you have is bellow the required amount, we will give you different options to choose from in order to have a reduced cost

Yes, You can schedule a meeting via our calendar or email us the time you will be available for the call and the media in which we can have the call. From there, we will organize the call. We will be happy to meet with you 

The answer is YES. How ever, this depends on the judgment at  our management. Here is what you need to know; When you reach us for your website via our contact page, your request is sent to our project Team and after review, they will make the decision based on the authenticity of the information you sent.

Building a website involves many things that are cost effective. For a start, there are two essential things which are: Domain name purchase and Hosting payment. This two allows your business name and entire content to be be able to reach billions of people on the internet.

Therefore, when you are given the option to get full website before payment, this means we will  use our own money to buy your domain and pay for hosting  and we will cover this cost when you pay for our service when we are done. Now, if you  are not given the offer to get full website before payment, you will be required to pay only the money needed to purchase the domain and hosting, when we are done with your website before you can pay the remaining money with respect to the agreement you will receive via mail

We understand people show interest in many things and end up changing their mind. We are currently using one of the best domain providers or registrars. Our registrar allows us to cancel the domain if ordered within a week. With this, we guarantee refund of your money. There can be mild reduction which will be the fees involved in sending back your fund and inconvenience charges. All these will be communicated to you in an agreement. Any normal refund come with a 10% cancellation fee for any amount less than 100$ payment in our coffers. Any thing greater than 100$ sent to us will be refunded with 8.9% fee.

We are the most rapid web developers out there, We are made of a large Team that works on different task to get your website ready. With this, we are able to develop your website and deliver to you within 24 hours to 48 hours (1 to 2days). 

Also, depending on your locations, It may take about 30 minutes to have your domain live and point it to an IP address on the internet. You shouldn’t bother if we tell you we started working on your website but the domain is not live yet.

Yes, we offer a wide range of tech services.  from web deployment to school projects, editing, copywriting, proof reading, graphic design, marketing, business training and a whole lot. Just tells us what you want

OFCOURSE YES!!! We have a whole lot of projects we worked on, you can check our services page and you will see all the companies we worked with. Remember, this website is also a sample.